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Supercharge your brain with spaced repetition, a highly effective, scientifically-backed learning technique to enhance your memory.


All the features you need

Whether you're learning a new language, you're at university, or simply you're learning or memorizing anything new, Memoo has your needs covered.

Spaced Repetition

An evidence-based learning technique designed to help you learn faster and for longer

Flashcards Based

Using cards helps processing information simply, efficiently and much faster


Study and learn when and where you like, on the move on your phone, or with your computer

Smart Algorithm

A smart algorithm takes care of showing you the relevant cards at the right time for efficiency

Cloud Auto-Syncing

All your data is automatically saved in the cloud for your convenience

100% Offline

Carry on learning even if your internet connection is interrupted or you are offline

Custom Math Formulas

Memoo includes a very powerful scientific calculator that allows to create your own math formulas


Memoo learning technique is backed by solid scientific studies that back its efficiency

Designed for simplicity of use, to help you memorize faster

Memoo's visual style is simple yet powerful, making it an ideal tool for your studies whether it be a university degree, a new language, or anything new you are learning.


Long-lasting learning, where and whenever you prefer

The scientifically proven algorithm behind Spaced Repetition will enhance your information retention for longer, in a very fast and convenient way.


What users are saying

  • “I can't believe how Memoo has helped me so far, I attribute passing my latest exams to it. Thank you!”
    Damir Fenati
    Medical Student
  • “Fabulous app with a very smooth user interface.”
    Roberto Vasquez
    Italian Language Learner
  • “This is the perfect learning method, so efficient. It is amazing much I can remember now!!”
    Jasmine Bikou
    Life-long Learner

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